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Largest (by length)
The length of a dinosaur, from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail, is one of the standard measurements used to define these animals. The longest dinosaurs were not necessarily the heaviest or tallest. Diplodocids, such as Seisosaurus, had long whip-like tails that added greatly to their length but Argentinasaurus, a titanosaurid, was probably taller and heavier. Some dinosaurs such as Mamenchisaurus had both very long necks and long tails. For detailed information about any of the dinosaurs listed below, click on the name of the dinosaur.

Feet Meters Name Order
150 ft 42.7 m Seismosaurus Saurischia
120 ft 36.6 m Argentinosaurus Saurischia
100 ft 30.5 m Brachiosaurus Saurischia
100 ft 30.5 m Supersaurus Saurischia
100 ft 30.5 m Ultrasauros Saurischia
89 ft 27.1 m Barosaurus Saurischia
89 ft 27.1 m Diplodocus Saurischia
75 ft 22.9 m Apatosaurus Saurischia
72 ft 21.9 m Haplocanthosaurus Saurischia
69 ft 21.0 m Alamosaurus Saurischia
69 ft 21.0 m Laplatasaurus Saurischia
69 ft 21.0 m Mamenchisaurus Saurischia
66 ft 20.1 m Bothriospondylus Saurischia
65 ft 19.8 m Titanosaurus Saurischia
60 ft 18.3 m Camarasaurus Saurischia
51 ft 15.5 m Shantungosaurus Ornithischia
50 ft 15.2 m Austrosaurus Saurischia
50 ft 15.2 m Cetiosauriscus Saurischia

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