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Height and weight are especially subjective, because they are at best educated guesses. The following list does not include several dinosaurs that, based on their length, may prove to have been heavier that those listed below. For example Barosaurus and Laplatosaurus were probably as heavy as Diplodocus. Allowing for some error in the estimates of their weight, it is still safe to say that the dinosaurs were by far the largest creatures to ever walk on Earth. Only the modern blue whale, at 230,000 lbs (104,328 kg), is larger than the the sauropods listed below. For detailed information about any of the dinosaurs listed below, click on the name of the dinosaur.

Pounds Kilograms Name Order
220,000 99,792 Argentinosaurus Saurischia
200,000 90,720 Seismosaurus Saurischia
140,000 63,504 Ultrasauros Saurischia
120,000 54,432 Supersaurus Saurischia
100,000 45,360 Brachiosaurus Saurischia
66,000 29,937 Apatosaurus Saurischia
60,000 27,216 Alamosaurus Saurischia
60,000 27,216 Mamenchisaurus Saurischia
50,000 22,680 Diplodocus Saurischia
40,000 18,144 Camarasaurus Saurischia
19,850 9,004 Cetiosauriscus Saurischia

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